Desk of Director ARTS

Grow More Group of Institutes is a modern high-tech educational campus offering various courses from K.G. to 12th science and also offers courses for Degree Engineering, Management, B.Ed. etc. It is a pride to begin Grow More Institute of Performing Arts in the campus. It involves all the institutes of the campus as its work field and manages all programmes related to art through a committee of professors, teachers and non teaching staff. This art institute follows the ideal as below “A person can have best insight in life if he is a good artist along with being an engineer, teacher or teacher,” We aim to make our students experts in their favourite art along with providing best higher education. We are fortunate that Management too show keen interest in performing arts. We hope and aim to spread its fame throughout the state.

Performing Arts Contact Details

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Landline No: 02772-225500 / 01