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“From time immemorial, money and muscle power have been dominant. But the 21st century demands mental power.” In order to meet this demand, Grow More Foundation has been formed with an optimistic attitude and an international approach. Grow More Foundation is centrally situated in the midst of S.K. District and aims at all round development, adventure, constructive and creative activities of students. The foundation is firmly determined for sensible growth of mankind, development of virtues and appreciation of human value in society. The foundation is foresighted and hence the college campus is fascinating, well equipped with materialistic and educational facilities1.

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Trustee. : Dr.H.B.Patel
Mobile No: 9426539353,
Hod :
Mobile No: 9428513915
Landline No: 02772-225500 / 01
Fax No.:+91 27772 225505/10