Library Rules

1. Pin drop silence should be observed in the library.

2. one library card will be issued to each student.

3. Maximum two books will be issue on the library card.

4. Book should be deposited within 14 days otherwise fine Rs.1/-

5. Per day will be charged  till one week. Fine of Rs.2/-will be charged after wards till the book is deposited.

6. Duplicated library card will be issued on payment of Rs.100/- for each card.

7. Reference book/periodical is only for reading in the library and will be issued for reading in the library after showing id card/library card.

8. Student requested to return the library card at the time when no dues certificate is required.

9. If a book or a journal is found damage at the time of deposit,the student who has deposited last will be required to pay the cost of the book of deposit the new book or journal.

10. By chance a book a journal is lost by the browser, new book or journal should be submitted by the student in library.

11. Do not make any mark in the book.

12. Students should keep their bags outside the library.

13. Students are requested to switch off mobile phone in the library.

M.S.W Contact Details

Hod :Prof.Chef.Hardik Nayi
Mobile No: 919428513921
Landline No: 02772-225500 / 01