Rules & Regulation

  1. The employees and students of Grow More Institutes may become members during duration of their study
  2. Membership fee will be Rs. 101/-
  3. The meeting of committee will be held on 1st of every month.
  4. The common assembly will be arranged once per term to participate in various inter – group competitions and other cultural competitions promoted by government
  5. Diretors will appoint the persons who must be approved by CAE on behalf of Management.
  6. External artist’s help can be received with or without remuneration for any artistic performance.
  7. Secretary/accountant and General Secretary will keep account of income expenditure and deadstock which will be signed by CAE and Director
  8. It can present the programmes in or outside the institute Programmes must be planned in advance with estimate of income and expenditure and approved by CAE
  9. The artistic activities of Grow More Group of Institutes will be registered at Lalitkala Acade

Performing Arts Contact Details

Hod :
Mobile No:
Landline No: 02772-225500 / 01