Yoga and Meditation



“Yoga can help with anxiety in a number of ways. It offers specific techniques that can reduce symptoms, both short- and long-term. Because of its focus on attention to inward states, yoga can help get beneath the surface of anxiety to identify triggers, such as unresolved conflicts or habitual thought patterns,” says Timothy McCall, MD, author of Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing.

Many individuals practice yoga to reduce daily stress and anxiety. Yoga classes typically end with a final relaxation period that involves mindfulness meditation. For those with anxiety disorders, yoga and meditation can be integrated with conventional therapies for synergistic benefits.

Yoga therapy is a specialized method of yoga instruction focusing on yoga for healing physical and mental health conditions that requires training as a yoga instructor plus at least 300 hours of additional therapeutic training. Clinicians who undergo this training can integrate yoga and mindfulness meditation into client sessions, which may provide therapeutic continuity, according to Forbes.