Grow More Institute of M.S.W


Growmore Group of Institutions

1. To efucate and train change agents for generic practice with systems-clientele,action and target in a varied rapidly changing human services enviroment.

2. To engage in systematic knowledge building to enhance the quality of social of social work education and practice.

3. To conduct and disseminate research which contibutes to the knowledge base for effective social work practice.

4. To provide social work services and learning experiences that benefit the vulnerable and marginalised communities to improve the quality of lives of the community by analyzing, formulating,and influencing social policies through education,fieldwork interventions,research,evaluation and advocacy.

5. To interact with students on different strata and provide practical knowledge and develop skills in guiding and counselling with proving more effective solution to problems.

6. To provide opportunities to  the students to have group experience for exchange of ideas and view and to understand the importance of relationship.