Grow More Faculty of Engineering (B.E.)

Board of Governance

Growmore Group of Institutions

Name Description
Shri V.R. Dave
Vice President, Taiway Infrastructure, Ahmedabad
Dr.Savita Gandhi

Professor, Head of Department,
Department of Computer Science, Ahmedabad

Dr. Sarala Achuthan
Professor, Head of Department,
Department of Computer Science,Ahmedabad

Dr. R.K. Balyan Director, B.K. School of Management, Gujarat University,Ahmedabad
Dr. A.K.Kandya Director and Dean, Institute of Business Management & Research,Ahmedabad
Prof. V.P.Bharadvaj
Director, Grow More Faculty of
Management, Berna, Himatnagar

Dr. H.B.Patel
Director General, Grow More
Group of Institutions, Berna, Himatnagar.

Shri V.S.Patel Deputy Academic Executive, Grow More Faculty of Engineering, Berna, Himatnagar
Dr. B.L.Patel Lecturer, Vidhyanagari ArtsCollege, Himatnagar.