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Life… it’s all about making your dreams come true. Every one of us    aspires to achieve many things in life. This transformation of ‘wishes’ into ‘reality’ comes with the power of conviction. Without having the fear of failure and with proper strategy & knowledge, you can overcome all the obstacles of life and achieve what you have dreamt. Most of the time, people give up just after seeing few obstacles in the journey towards their cherished goal. But then you should always remember that ‘life is not a bed of roses & success won’t be served to you on a golden platter’. With determination, confidence & believing in the power of your dreams, you should go ahead and success will come to you from all directions. Just remember one thing, ‘Tough times never last but tough people do’.

Today you are entering in the ‘Engineering community’, one of the most looked upon community of this society. Engineers are the founders of civilizations, the building blocks of a society and the paragons for the coming generations. They turn the techniques into technologies in a most economical and efficient manner and to a great extent the smooth functioning of the humanity lies on the shoulders of the engineers. Here I am reminded of what Dr. S. Radhakrishnan once said, “Civilization is not just a matter of mere material possession but is a state of mind, a tradition of culture, a sense of values’. Engineers, who are the founders of civilizations, should have high principles, broader vision and human approach in their functioning.

 In the ‘Grow More Faculty of Diploma Engineering’ I wish that all my diploma engineering students should explore the roots to knowledge and should develop wings of creativity. Its when knowledge marries creativity, innovations happen and it is these innovations which will transform our ‘Developing India’ into a ‘Developed India’. Wishing you a very exiting, adventurous & fruitful journey at Grow More Faculty of Diploma Engineering……. 

Dr. Bharat D. Suthar 


Grow More Faculty of Diploma Engineering



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